Join Us!

Recruitment officer Helen Martin reflects on the past year. Oh and, of course, implores you to join us!

Join Us!

By Helen Martin

I began my role as Recruitment Officer, taking over from Sue Wilde, in September 2020. Prior to that, I had been Sue’s apprentice. She taught me well, working together on events such as the Fresher’s Fayre at the Uni and singing workshops in St. Paul’s. But those events took place pre-pandemic, so my role has been rather different since then.  It has been challenging, but also very exciting.

Despite everything, HCS has continued to recruit. Although we have not been able to sing together in-person for what feels like a very long time, the choir has used the time productively to explore, learn and grow. Members have had the opportunity to be involved with a number of projects such as the We’ll Sing project, a ‘Christmas Hamper’, and two inspiring online workshops. We have continued to learn new music with Greg, and improve our singing technique, either as a group, or through one to one sessions with Joyce, our vocal coach. A number of members have also taken the opportunity to attend the weekly online sessions with Abi and our academy choir, HCS Voices, each week providing a packed hour of singing music from around the world.

All this activity and opportunity has meant that singers are still coming forwards to ask about the choir and the audition process. Since March, we have been busy with online auditions, already recruiting five new members through this route, with more on the way.

If you are interested in finding out about the audition, or how to join our non-auditioned academy choir, please do not hesitate to complete the website form, or give me a call on 07743 688233.